Private Classes

From Basics for Beginners to Advanced Education for Experienced Practitioners

Private instruction involves a one-on-one session in which practitioners receive individualized support and attention specific to their needs. The practice is completely curated to the individual, taking into consideration physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual needs and nuances. We may incorporate asana (physical practice of postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra (recitation of phrases), mudra (hand gestures used to cultivate specific energetic qualities), svadyaya (self study and study of texts), and dhyana (meditation). Together we develop a practice plan so that you may practice independently and we may meet for lessons again with as much or as little frequency as desired.

Reasons to pursue private instruction include but are not limited to: building a strong foundation as a beginner to carry with you into any class or your own individual practice; deepening or advancing as an established practitioners; learning how to modify for specific injuries and conditions; learning ways to rehabilitate underutilized areas of the body; explore specific alignment for v

Private instruction may be online via Zoom or in person. Included in fees is a written practice sheet that outlines all that we cover together as well as email support when questions arise.