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What Others Have to Say

Jackie is extremely knowledgable and I’m always learning something new about yoga asana and philosophy in her classes. I especially enjoy her restorative yoga classes; they bring me a long lasting sense of peace and calm within my state of being. Her Ashtanga instruction is exceptional as well and has helped me grow in my practice. Highly recommend!


Marisa C.

I can't express how much your classes mean to me, Jackie! I really love the physical aspect and the beautiful flow of your classes. But especially the spiritual part often "hits" me right into my heart... I don't know how you do this, but I often feel like you found the exactly right words for me in my current situation... Your words already helped me quite some times to get through difficult times and they help me understand or look at things in a different way. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your spirituality with your yoga students. I'm so grateful to be part of your yoga community

Micki A.

I just need to say... I have practiced with many different yoga instructors but... there is no comparison to practicing with you. There are so many ways that you are unique and brilliant that there is no way to speak of them all. Suffice to say, your Self, your energy, your insight, your value as a person in our existence here totally needs mention. You not only connect in so many ways but in a more physical level, you are able to target important muscles without directly exhausting them. Your analysis is so deeply specific that I learn more everyday! Thank you, Jackie.. for you, your individuality, your care, and for making each person feel important.... your detailed instruction is genius.. as are you... Much love and thanks.

Janet H.

As you know, my circumstances since May have allowed me only sporadic attendance at practice. Although unable to be present, I have thankfully been able to hear your voice and reference so much of the wisdom you impart during your classes on countless occasions. I am a reluctant long distance driver, especially when driving by myself! As I hastily left for SC on a very early Sunday morning in May, I was terrified! My entire body began to cramp as I began the drive. I thought of turning around when I heard your voice telling me to breathe a long inhale and a long exhale. In doing so I was eventually able to "make space" and push away thoughts that were hindering my ability to find my courage! The thirteen hour trip actually resulted in a very reflective and cathartic experience. I hear your words often. They have truly guided me through recent challenges and forks in the road. Your inspiration leads me though a daily healing practice to allow my body to stay healthy and resilient, as often as I can. You have funded me abundantly mentally, physically and spiritually. I remain most grateful.


Jackie you always inspire me to practice my very best. To acknowledge my own growth and to feel my very best. Your classes are amazing and you are a great teacher. But more than that you are the true embodiment of all that yoga can be. I've learned so much from you and continue to even when I'm not in your class. You inspire me to learn, listen, just be in the moment and most of all to be grateful. My words can not express all of my gratitude for meeting you and having the privilege of being taught by you.

Jakki B.

Jackie is the "real deal" as a teacher, healer and dynamic facilitator. I experienced her knowledge of Yoga within a very integrated class of people with physical disabilities, as well as able bodied people, who already practice. Her skill in reaching everyone through her quiet wisdom, masterful abilities, compassion, and expression of pure Yoga teachings, lights up the room, bringing one to a place of wholeness.....Thank you, Jackie, and I love your website!

Alberta G.

Friends would tell you that I am one of the last persons they would expect to practice yoga. Yet, after a few classes I became a devotee. As a physician I know the muscles, joints, etc. , and your knowledge of them and how to deal with them in various conditions is superb. While I came to you principally for the physical aspects of yoga teaching, I have slowly become more interested in the spiritual aspects. As an "elderly" practioner I and others are quite amazed at the increase in flexibility that yoga, specifically your yoga, has given to me. At the beginning of each class you ask the participants for any complaints regarding areas of their bodies and then you try to incorporate specific positions to try to aid with those symptoms or complaints. In short, you have been quite amazing.

Richard D.

I've had more than a few yoga teachers over the last 50 years and Jackie Incorvia is absolutely one of the best. She knows and lives yoga and radiates compassion and presence. Her grace and serenity creates a space that allows students to drop any cares and be fully present for her wonderful teaching. And as one who deals with arthritis in most of my joints, I'm more than grateful that Jackie also has a solid knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics. I feel safe going as far into an asana as my body allows because I know Jackie has her eye out for each of us. What a gift she is!

Liz C.

Jackie is a gift to the yoga and wellness community. She is what you are looking for when you find yourself in a yoga studio- generous with her knowledge and wisdom, authentic in her experience and practice, sensitive, and compassionate. She's a Great. Practicing under her guidance is an honor.

Alanna M.

Jackie truly embodies the essence of yoga. It is evident that she connects to each of her students - attentive and mindful of our individual strengths and limitations in the practice and always offering gentle corrections, or alternative poses where needed. Jackie’s guidance is not only physical, but especially comforting for the mind and soul through the words she shares at the beginning and closing of each class. Her gratitude is fuel for all of us!

Mike D.

Jackie is one of the most knowledge yoga teachers I have ever encountered in my 15 years of experience. She was an integral part of my decision to become a yoga teacher myself. I’ve continued to follow her because she is the best of the best. She allows everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable, yet challenges you where appropriate. She links yoga philosophy and history with present day life, and balances the authentic nature of yoga while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for all. I trust her guidance through and through. I would recommended Jackie’s classes to all people- from first time learners to the most advanced practitioners.

Kaitlyn L.

Jackie is a rare individual who lives the connection among one's mind, body & spirit. Her instruction encompasses all three components so my experience is complete. Her articulate instructions support my body to expand and strengthen. Every session is a soulful experience for me, whether in a class or individually. I am blessed to have connected with such a gifted, talented, soulful, compassionate and insightful teacher and guide.

Gladys S.

I have been practicing yoga and it’s philosophy for many years, studied with several teachers, been to many workshops, and taught Hatha Yoga, and I have never met a teacher as knowledgeable, sincere, devoted, smart and loving, as Jackie. Her awareness, insight, wisdom, and practical understanding of the human body ceases to amaze me over and over. She is the best. Thank you Jackie.

Diane G.

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